driving dreams

Driving Dreams

Cars are racing into China – supercharging its economy, and delivering dreams of a better life.  But, China’s 10 million cars are clogging its highways and spewing out clouds of toxic waste.  None of this sits well with Sheri Liao, chairman and founder of Beijing Global Village, an NGO that promotes a green lifestyle.  She worries that, not only is the car the cause of much of China’s environmental problems but, by owning one, the Chinese are buying into too many American values. Trying to sort all of this out, is Michael Dunne who runs Automotive Resources Asia, a company that provides information about the Chinese automobile market.  He says that the industry is growing and there’s no stopping it or China.  Cars will be on China’s new silk road.

So, call it a driving dream – or a nightmare, this is China’s revolution on wheels.

Directed by Alan Burke. Written by Alan Burke with Jean Burke. For Barna-Alper (CBC and National Geographic Channel)

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