zapped: the buzz about mosquitoes

They come out when the weather is glorious. They annoy us, and drive us indoors. It’s us against mosquitoes. When a female mosquito is sucking your blood, it’s difficult to appreciate her. But she is one of 3500 known mosquito species. Culex mosquitoes are the most dangerous in Canada because they transmit the West Nile [...]

Driving Dreams

driving dreams

Cars are racing into China – supercharging its economy, and delivering dreams of a better life.  But, China’s 10 million cars are clogging its highways and spewing out clouds of toxic waste.  None of this sits well with Sheri Liao, chairman and founder of Beijing Global Village, an NGO that promotes a green lifestyle.  She [...]

High Heel Confidential

high heel confidential

On average, American women own between 30 and 50 pairs of shoes and consider footwear to be the single most important item in their closet.  Shoe designers like Manolo Blahnik have suddenly become household names and the 4 inch stilettos they design are heavily sought-after status symbols. Why? Why shoes? Why now? High Heel Confidential [...]

Greatest Canadian: Don Cherry

don cherry: the greatest canadian?

Brett “the Hitman” Hart wants Don Cherry to be the greatest Canadian. To make his case, he takes us on a trip through the milestones of the outspoken, outrageous and at times outlandish hockey coach’s life – from his hometown Kingston ON, to hockey-towns Boston and Rochester…  from his fund raising for Rose Cherry’s Home [...]