Alan Burke


Alan Burke has made many documentaries, performance pieces and movies.  Regardless of the genre, Alan treats each project with substance, narrative structure, humour and style.

His latest is Zapped: The Buzz about Mosquitoes. It’s a burkeandburke production for The Nature of Things, featuring incredible macro-photography, stunning visuals and stimulating content.

His first films were made in England where, as a recent graduate of Wilfred Laurier University, he found work at Halas & Bachelor Animation, in the heady days of swinging London.

Back in Canada, Alan was one of the original producer-directors of the fifth estate.  Since then, he’s directed and written the documentaries Don Cherry: The Greatest Canadian (with Brett the Hitman Hart), High Heel Confidential (the series pilot, gold medal winner at the recent New York Festivals) and Dating Confidential for CBC;  the two-part documentary series Driving Dreams (one episode shot in China, the other in the UK) for Barna-Alper Productions, broadcast on CBC and National Geographic International; and Exotic Lives (shot in Argentina and Spain) for Matter of Fact Media, broadcast on CTV’s Travel and Escape network.

As a producer, Alan has made many television movies including Giant Mine, Gross Misconduct and Skate (working with Atom Egoyan, Paul Gross, Suzette Couture and many others).

Alan created, produced and directed the current affairs show Contact with Hana Gartner and he co-developed the performance arts program Opening Night and was the director of its hosted segments and many of its performances. He has also written, produced and directed many arts documentaries and performance programs, including The Faerie Queen, a feature-length dance special, choreographed by John Alleyne and performed by Ballet British Columbia.

Awards for Alan’s productions have been won at the Geminis, Hot Docs, Banff, Yorkton Film Festival, Montreal Festival of Films on Art, Columbus Film Festival, the New York Film Festival and the San Francisco Film Festival.